Solución perfecta para limpiezas críticas. Extra protección dónde y cuándo se necesita. These KIMTECH PREP wipes are durable, low-lint wipers for repeat use with cleaning chemicals and solvents.

Ideal for wiping away oils and grease and for . In stock and ready to ship.

Trust KIMTECH for high-quality products for your critical and controlled environments. Made from specially treate extremely low fluff and absorbent fibres (1 cellulose). Enter your lot or batch number from the product label, to access certificates related to your product.

Kimtech carries a variety of high . You must enter a minimum of four characters to obtain any . Kimwipes delicate task wipers . Light duty, single ply wipes for a variety of precision wiping tasks.

Innovation combines protection , comfort and sustainability for all-round care of the Science and the . For transportation and industrial manufacturing. Searching for KIMTECH Cleaning Rags, Shop Towels, and Dust Cloths? Antistatic, antifog and silicone- free cleaning solution quickly and easily removes dirt. Each station includes a. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and . Wipers are white and are made of ply . The antistatic, tissue paper thin wipes are ideal for . Join LinkedIn today for free. Clean surfaces and parts before painting.

Guantes de exploración no estériles, sin polvo y sin látex. Puntas de los dedos texturizadas para aumentar la capacidad de agarre en aplicaciones húmedas y . Low level of lint makes them ideal for use on delicate . Easily wipes up liquid and . Visit our online store today!

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